New Pre-kindergarten Classes

In its first year, Project Impact’s pre-kindergarten initiative served 105 additional children in classrooms at six of the district’s highest-need schools: Ashley, Cook, Easton, Hall-Woodward, Ibraham, and Old Town Elementary Schools. The school system is tracking the progress of these students from their entry into kindergarten through the primary grades in order to validate pre-kindergarten learning’s relationship to third-grade literacy.

In 2017-18, Project Impact expanded pre-kindergarten access even further, adding an additional eight classrooms at Bolton, Gibson (2 classrooms), Middle Fork, Rural Hall, Smith Farm, and Union Cross (2 classrooms). In total, Project Impact’s pre-kindergarten expansion has enabled an additional 239 students to be served across Winston-Salem and Forsyth County in 2017-18.

New Programs

With funding from Project Impact, the school system implemented two new pre-kindergarten curricula during the 2016–17 school year: Connect4Learning and the Nemours BrightStart!, both generously provided by Kaplan. Connect4Learning is a research-led, interdisciplinary pre-kindergarten curriculum that weaves learning and teaching across science, math, literacy, and social emotional dimensions.

Developed through funding and support from the National Science Foundation, Connect4Learning was created by nationally-recognized experts in early childhood education. Nemours BrightStart!: Happy Readers, Healthy Kids also has been implemented in five out of six Project Impact classrooms and will be expanded to new classrooms.

A reading intervention program created by Nemours children’s health system, BrightStart! applies an integrated pediatric, neuroscience, and public health mindset alongside a developmentally-appropriate educational framework to promote reading success.