Other Initiatives

Leadership Programs

In 2017–18, Project Impact is supporting multiple leadership development programs that offer opportunities for teachers and administrators to advance in their careers—from teacher to assistant principal, from assistant principal to principal, from principal to district leadership—while providing them with specialized support along the way. Providing instructional and leadership support for teachers and administrators is one of Project Impact’s key strategies for improving outcomes in third-grade reading and math. Quality teaching is an essential element of student achievement in grades K–3 and beyond. Additionally, because these programs collectively target administrators at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County’s highest-need schools, they make certain that administrators in those schools are armed with the necessary tools to ensure the success of their students and teachers. Leadership from every Priority and Title I school will participate in at least one of these programs.

Summer Learning at Cook Literacy Model School

In the summer of 2017, Project Impact partnered with Cook Literacy Model School to offer two innovative summer programs, both led by highly-qualified teaching and support staff. Cook Literacy Model School is Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools’ first Innovative School, and Project Impact was happy to extend the creative and evidence-based strategies – already implemented throughout the school year at Cook – into new programs that spanned the summer months.

The first, Kickoff to K, provided an opportunity for Cook Literacy Model School to adapt Project Impact’s Pathway to K program for its own student body and curriculum. 30 students, 22 of whom went on to matriculate into Cook’s kindergarten classes, learned social-emotional skills, basic academic concepts, and kindergarten readiness skills, while also receiving school-specific onboarding for the curricula and expectations in place at Cook Literacy Model School.

The second, Camp PRIDE, served 44 rising first, second, and third grade students, providing them with an opportunity to create catch-up growth, explore enrichment opportunities, continue positive behavioral support, and combat summer learning loss. As with the district’s revamped Summer School, highly-experienced teachers and support staff administered the program, which ensured quality instruction and strengthened the year-round bond between staff and students at Cook.