Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Summer School

After several years of contracting summer school services, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools used Project Impact funding in the summer of 2016 to staff summer school with highly experienced school system teachers. Teachers were paid one additional month of their state salaries for teaching summer school during July, at ten elementary school sites: Easton Elementary, Kimmel Farm Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Forest Park Elementary, Kernersville Elementary, Hall-Woodward Elementary, Ashley Elementary, Diggs-Latham Elementary, Mineral Springs Elementary, North Hills Elementary. In 2016, summer program grew to support nearly 2,300 students in first through eighth grades.

Progress Report

The 2016 summer school program funded by Project Impact served 774 third-grade students (vs. the 536 students served by the school system in 2015). Also, 157 third-grade students met the state’s Read to Achieve requirements (vs. just two third-grade students in 2015). Distinct differences: Instruction was tailored to the student’s needs (vs. packaged curriculum) and the school system was able to recruit its best teachers to serve.